Tools for the Modern Pioneer

We create goods that you can put your life on, (but you hopefully don’t have to.) If we’re confident in one thing, it’s that our products will live on as long as the memory and influence of those that paved the way for the world we know today.

Billy Chester, the Founder of WESN

A moment makes all the difference

“When I was young, a friend gave me his knife as a token of our friendship. I had no idea just what this gesture meant until years later.” Billy Chester, WESN Founder & CEO

Billy believed that the things you carry matter. They reflect you as an individual, and should be practical, functional, and long lasting.

When WESN was founded in 2017, he had no intention to start a brand. Unable to find a knife that aligned with this belief — Billy set out to create a great knife, made of the highest quality materials you could find. One that you’d proudly display instead of it ending up in your junk drawer.

After launching a kickstarter with intent to sell a few knives to friends and family, over three thousand like minded individuals showed up to back it. Clearly, there was a need in the market. WESN soon transformed from an idea into a mindset, and from that, into the brand you see today.

Today, a pocket knife isn’t only a tool. It’s as much a fashion item that serves to create a lifestyle. With this in mind, our goods pair simplistic design with seamless functionality. They’re meant to last, and if taken care of correctly — to be passed down for generations to come.

We’re proudly based in Detroit, USA, but our roots lie in Sweden. Connecting our ties between industrial America and Scandinavian minimalism — we weave the best parts of both cultures into the products we create. Though we’ve only been around for a handful of years, our story has been in the making for generations.

If you’re still wondering if we’re a ‘heritage brand’, we can’t claim that title. Yet. Just give us a few more decades.