Sharpening Kit
Sharpening Kit
Sharpening Kit
Sharpening Kit
Sharpening Kit
Sharpening Kit

Sharpening Kit

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Satisfy all your knife sharpening needs with one carefully curated kit.

Just like you change the tires of your car, sharpening your blades regularly is essential to keep them operating at their best.

What's included?

The WESN Pocket Sharpener

Weighing in at only 54g, form meets function in the Pocket Sharpener. Merging one side electroplated diamond and the other, ceramic plate — this sleek sharpening plate will keep your knives cutting at their absolute best. 

Leather Sheath / Strop Combo

A handmade leather sheath specifically created for the WESN pocket sharpener. While this sheath will protect your gear and allow you carry your sharpener in style — it’s multi-purpose. 

Both the front and back side act as a strop. While the back is rough, the front is finished to give you a full four steps of sharpening: two from the stone, two from the sheath.

Strop Compound

Strop compound is an essential sharpening finisher, used to help polish those edges while working with your strop, and to work off excess burr left from the sharpening stone

Naturally, when making our own Strop compound, priority one was that it was WESN green. 

Wolfpack Work Rag

A good shop rag is priceless. It keeps everything tidy throughout the sharpening process. Proudly printed on this rag is our brand mascot, the WESN Wolf — there to assist in any situation. 

When you grab a kit, you save 20% by combining all the items within together. Every kit also includes a free WESN Sticker Pack!

Spec Sheet / Details
Stay Sharp

Sharpening is the #1 way to maintain your knife's longevity and ease of use. Now we've packed up all you need for a full four steps of sharpening, in one package.

Four Levels of Sharpness

Sharper than Ever

The Sharpening Kit comes with the Pocket Sharpener, featuring one side of electroplated diamond 400 grit plate, and one side of ceramic plate, for two levels of sharpening.

For the next two steps, our Sharpener Sheath, comes with one rough side, and one fine, both for stropping. Along with that, the Strop Compound to smoothen the job.

Lastly the Wolfpack Work Rag is right there to take care of the mess.

WESN Henry, Titanium Slip-joint Pocket Knife
Spec Sheet

Pocket Sharpener

  • Electroplated Diamond 400 Grit Plate
  • Ceramic Plate
  • Size 4 x 1.5 x 0.30 inch / 100 x 38 x 7,5 mm
  • Weight 1.9 oz / 54 g

Sheath / Strop

  • Material Leather
  • Rough Strop Side
  • Fine Strop Side


  • The Wolfpack Work Rag
  • Strop Compound
WESN Henry, Titanium and Cherry Wood Pocket Knife